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At times veins in our body get damaged or weakened, and blood starts to pool in small capillaries that lie just under the skin. This results in a phenomenon called spider veins. Spider veins can often be blue, purple, or red and usually are not painful, but bodily conditions like obesity can cause problems like itching and pain for many. Spider veins usually form in the legs. These damaged veins are common among people in their elderly ages, mostly fifties and above.

People opt for medical procedures to remove spider veins primarily for cosmetic reasons. Spider veins are mainly genetic, but apart from that, there are several other reasons someone may have them, like age, weight, hormonal imbalance, blood clotting, and standing or sitting for prolonged periods. Compared to men, almost double the number of women are affected by spider veins.

The treatment for spider vein removal is Sclerotherapy. The procedure involves a Sclerotherapy injection containing an irritant called a sclerosant, injected into the affected vein, making it wither down and collapse and eventually fade from view. Over time, the blood that was previously flowing through the treated vein is redirected to other, healthier veins for proper circulation.

Sclerotherapy is typically regarded as a secure and successful method of treating varicose and spider veins. One big advantage of this procedure is that it is a minimally invasive surgery, and the treated veins are sure never to reappear. Side effects post-treatment are uncommon. However, some potential side effects and risks that have been observed include pain or discomfort at the injection site, itching or burning, and the formation of blood clots. In rare cases, skin discoloration or scarring may occur.

After the Sclerotherapy is completed, patients are asked to wear bandages for the following day. They may be asked by the medical professional to wear compression stockings for the next week or so. The results of Sclerotherapy can take about 4 to 6 weeks or up to a month to become apparent as the body gradually absorbs the collapsed vein. Multiple treatment sessions are necessary in most cases to achieve the desired results. It is advised to refrain from exercising too heavily after the first two days of your treatment. Along with avoiding sunlight exposure, doctors strongly advise against using a sauna or taking a hot bath for a while after your Sclerotherapy surgery.

Sclerotherapy for spider veins is generally safe and effective, but it’s important to choose qualified and experienced healthcare professionals to perform the treatment. If you’re suffering from spider veins, now is the best time to book an appointment for your Sclerotherapy session with Glamour Med Spa and beauty bar. You will receive professional treatment with utmost importance placed on your safety and satisfaction, and you will start to notice the spider veins disappearing within the first few sessions. To get started with your Sclerotherapy treatment with Glamour med spa and beauty bar, check out our packages and book an appointment to get the best treatment in all of Boston.