Glamour Med Spa and Beauty Bar Revitalize your mind, body, and soul at Glamour Med Spa & Beauty Bar!

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Welcome to Glamour Med Spa and Beauty Bar. We do more than improve your appearance in the mirror, and we treat your mind and soul. Glamour’s experienced medical team provides a range of therapeutic remedies, which have all been created to help you feel and look your best.

We are a beauty bar rather than a beauty parlor or a salon. We offer the most effective skin treatments like Botox, Cryoskin therapy, Dermal fillers, Laser hair removal, and Sclerotherapy, among many others, that boost your productivity and appearance. You will start to notice a difference from the very first day after you start using our services. You will have blemish-free, rejuvenated skin that you can be proud and confident of. 

We aspire to provide you with the confidence to be yourself and feel unique about it. Hence, we keep the atmosphere very comforting yet very professional. Glamour Med Spa & Beauty Bar is the place to be if you want to shape up, get toned, or elevate your self-confidence. Our one-of-a-kind med spa provides a variety of anti-aging cosmetic treatments. Our licensed and certified faculty specialists are passionate about the detailed art of these procedures.

Transform yourself into the glamorous you with ease and affordability! Glamour Med Spa proudly welcomes Afterpay to make it easier than ever for you to look like a star without having to pay in full. Enjoy payments over four installments, no credit checks required or hidden fees if paid on time — begin your transformation today without worry!


Glamour Med Spa and Beauty Bar_  Revitalize your mind, body, and soul at Glamour Med Spa & Beauty Bar!

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injections that help bring back the volume in the face lost with age. As you grow old, a compound called collagen becomes deficient and causes the facial skin to become saggy. It is treated by injecting dermal fillers, wherein the facial features plump up after the procedure, adding volume to the areas where it is lacking, and refining smooth wrinkles and creases on the face, which become more evident as you age.

At Glamour med spa, we use hypotonic acid and Juvederm for this process and pick which filler is based on customized treatment plans. We offer a variety of Dermal Fillers packages that you can choose from based on your requirement.

Glamour Med Spa and Beauty Bar Revitalize your mind, body, and soul at Glamour Med Spa & Beauty Bar!

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal involves your body hair being hit with a beam of laser with high heat, which targets and destroys your hair follicles, inhibiting the growth of hair in that region. At Glamour med spa and beauty bar because our cutting-edge new technology laser is safe for all skin types. Using a cool tip and gel makes it close to painless and a comfortable experience. This fast and effective laser hair reduction treatment would improve skin texture and brighten skin on the treated area without razor bumps or other side effects like skin darkening. So now you can enjoy hair-free skin without the repetitive cycles of waxing or shaving.

Close-up of female patient receiving a botox injection on forehead


Botox is a naturally occurring substance that works with our muscles and helps to relax and smooth unwanted fine lines. However, its natural production in the body reduces with age, and facial attributes solidify on the face due to not being repaired naturally. Hence, it is injected into the skin artificially, which helps tighten the skin and removes unwanted facial features like fine lines, wrinkles, and loose muscles of eyebrows, forehead, nose, lips, chin, jawline, neck, and eyes (eye bags and crow’s feet). Botox therapy is a safe and widely accepted method to bring back the lost volume of the face and to lessen the effects of age on the face caused by the continuous movement of our facial muscles throughout our lives.

Glamour Med Spa and Beauty Bar Revitalize your mind, body, and soul at Glamour Med Spa & Beauty Bar!


Cryoskin is a top-notch therapy to help spot-reduce fat by alternating cold and hot exposure to that specific part. This process freezes the fat cells and breaks them down, which are then absorbed by the body, resulting in fat reduction in that spot. With slimming and toning therapy for the body, we target fat or cellulite reduction and toning or tightening loose skin, which also boosts the body’s overall immunity. The Cryoskin Facial helps to tighten the skin while also enhancing collagen creation, and complexion, all the while reducing wrinkles and skin creases. At Glamour Med Spa and Beauty Bar, we are equipped with the latest technology to carry out Cryoskin procedures with ease and perfection.

Wellness Shot

Medical professionals prescribe minimum intake quantities for essential substances, like Vitamins and various BCAAs, that are necessary for survival. Nutrients like Vitamin B12 and essential amino acids like Glutamine and lysine are required for good metabolism and overall health. Although we can get all of these nutrients through a well-balanced diet, we tend to get so busy in our lives that we often forget to care for ourselves. Even though our bodies need these substances in very tiny proportions, their importance cannot be ignored. To tackle this issue, wellness shots are taken, which help boost your metabolism, strengthen the immune system, increase energy, improve your mood, enable you to have better quality sleep, and increase your stamina.


Sometimes veins in our body get damaged or weakened, especially in the legs. This results in a phenomenon called spider veins. Spider veins are usually not painful, but bodily conditions like obesity can cause problems for many. Spider veins are mainly genetic but can also be caused due to like age, weight, hormonal imbalance, blood clotting, standing or sitting for prolonged periods, etcetera. The treatment for spider veins involves Sclerotherapy, wherein an irritant is injected into the affected vein, which makes them wither down. The fresh blood is then redirected into other healthier veins for proper circulation. You will receive professional treatment, and only within the first few sessions, will you start to notice the spider veins disappearing.

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