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mentorship shadowing

In the ever-evolving landscape of the aesthetic field, Glendely’s journey into the medical aesthetic realm ignited a fervent passion to assist and inspire others. Her desire to be a pillar of support for women and young girls aspiring to navigate this field led her to create a mentoring and shadowing program. This initiative is tailored for individuals who have acquired the necessary certifications but find themselves at a crossroads on how to proceed.

If you’ve landed here, you’ve found the right place. Glamour Med Spa serves as the crucial bridge between your aspirations and a flourishing future in aesthetics. Glendely’s vision is to provide services that not only fulfill the dreams of practitioners but also bring happiness and joy to their clients.

When Glendely initially entered the field, she underwent extensive training at the National Laser Institute. However, upon returning to Boston, she found herself without guidance or mentorship. Drawing from her own experiences, Glendely recognizes the pivotal role guidance plays in one’s career trajectory. Her mentoring and shadowing program are designed to offer insights and the essential foundation needed to navigate the complex world of medical aesthetics.

Whether your ambition is to become a solo injector or to gain confidence behind the chair before pursuing a career as a nurse injector, Glamour Med Spa and Beauty Bar is the ideal starting point. Glendely’s program provides hands-on experience and practical knowledge on how to approach medical aesthetics correctly.

To embark on this transformative journey, the application form, along with detailed explanations of fees and program initiation steps, is provided below. Once we receive your application, you will promptly receive an email from us, elaborating further and providing a booking link if everything aligns with your goals. Your path to a fulfilling career in aesthetics begins here at Glamour Med Spa.

After microneedling, patients typically experience some redness and mild swelling, resembling a sunburn, which usually subsides within a few days. The skin may also peel as it undergoes the natural exfoliation process. Over time, as collagen production increases, individuals often notice improvements in skin texture, firmness, and a more youthful glow.

The number of sessions required varies based on individual skin concerns, and the procedure is customizable to address specific needs and desired outcomes.