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Privacy Policy

Thank you for trusting our hands and joining our GLAMOUR team. We are happy to service you. We just have a few policies we stand by, which helps our day go smoothly, as well as your time with us. We require a $100 deposit for consultations to answer specific questions about your treatment and what are the cost based on you personal needs. All sales are final, and are non refundable. Once you book an appointment with us you are agreeing to our policies. Your $100 fee will be applied towards your treatment.

Late policy, we cannot serve you once you are 15min late, you will be charged $50 to reschedule or cancel your session. Please call us if you will be late and we can try to accommodate, if we cannot we will charge $50 to see you at another time. If you need to reschedule and you no longer has access to do so through email please call us and be aware that our policy gives you 48 hour grace. period prior to an appointment to make changes. After the 48 hours there will be a fee for our time and there is a $50 cancelation fee.