Glamour Med Spa and Beauty Bar Revitalize your mind, body, and soul at Glamour Med Spa & Beauty Bar!
Glamour Med Spa and Beauty Bar Revitalize your mind, body, and soul at Glamour Med Spa & Beauty Bar!


Cryoskin is a non-surgical body contouring and skin-tightening treatment that uses extremely cold and warm temperatures alternatively to destroy fat cells and improve the appearance of the skin. This technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to provide noticeable results after the first session without surgery or downtime.

Cryoskin can target specific body areas where fat is stored, such as the belly, hips, thighs, arms, and back. It can also improve the appearance of cellulite deposits in the body. The therapy is mainly carried out in three ways: cryoskin toning, slimming, and facial. With slimming and toning for the body, we target fat or cellulite reduction and toning or tightening loose skin, which also boosts the body’s overall immunity. The treatment also stimulates collagen production, which naturally tightens and improves the skin’s appearance.

Cryo therapy is carried out by several devices, but the cryoskin treatment has shown to be the most beneficial per the latest technological standards. The process begins with the medical professional applying a protective gel on the skin to protect it from extreme temperatures. Then, using the cryoskin device, two minutes of heat exposure of about 40°C, followed by twelve minutes of cooling at -8°C to the areas of concern, is administered. This process freezes the fat cells and breaks them down, which are then absorbed by the body, resulting in fat reduction in that spot. Most clients report feeling a cool, soothing sensation during the treatment, with no pain or discomfort.

Here are some reasons why Cryoskin slimming therapy is considered to better than other treatments that are used for spot-reduction of fat:

  • Non-invasive: Cryoskin is a non-invasive procedure, making it an ideal alternative to surgical body contouring procedures.
  • Safe: Cryoskin is a safe and effective treatment with no risks associated with anaesthesia or incisions.
  • Quick: Each Cryoskin session typically lasts only 30 minutes, making it an ideal treatment for busy individuals.
  • Noticeable results: Many clients report seeing noticeable results after just one or two sessions, with the best results visible after several weeks.


After a Cryoskin slimming session, some patients also report experiencing some redness or swelling in the treated area, but this usually resolves within a couple of hours. The skin sensitivity of the patient receiving therapy also decides whether they experience side effects. The urinating rate often increases for the next couple of days after the therapy. Hence it is important to drink plenty of water following the treatment to help flush the fat cells from your system. The full effects of the treatment will be visible by the second or third week of the therapy.

It is crucial to choose a clinic that is equipped with the latest technological tools for cryoskin therapy. At Glamour Med Spa and Beauty Bar, we carry out Cryoskin treatments with ease and perfection, which is the biggest concern for any patient looking to make a change to themselves. So if you wish to reduce those stubborn pockets of fat and gain a new level of confidence in yourself, Cryoskin is the perfect solution. Book an appointment with us to get started right away. Be sure to check out our list of packages for big discounts on Cryoskin treatments in Boston!